If you have a team Twitter account (and, why wouldn't you?), Takedown Scoring and Stats will auto-post live results to your timeline. You can even add a custom #hashtag to your post like #we_are_brawlers or #hammertime.

Takedown LIVE

Takedown LIVE presents detailed, real-time results on any iPhone or iPad.  No waiting for your browser to refresh -- results appear automatically on your mobile device typically within one second of the action.

Video Graphics

Professional, real-time scoring graphics delivered over the network to your video production system. Since the graphics are network-delivered, your scoring and video systems don't need to be on the same device or co-located.  Position your video camera in your preferred location, grab the scoring graphics from the network and combine however you'd like for your finished video.

Digital Scoreboard

Turn any digital display into a professional, wrestling-specific, real-time, zero-operator scoreboard. 

Email or Post Statistical Reports

From within Takedown Scoring and Stats, email, message or post statistical reports, including the score book, to your fans. You don't need to leave the app -- all the tools are included for effortlessly communicating with your fans.