Weight Management

LevelChanger and Befour, a leading manufacturer of wrestling scales, have partnered to introduce a simple and efficient method for recording weight information.  Utilizing wireless Bluetooth technology, Takedown Scoring and Stats records weight information from Befour's Bluetooth-enabled scale in as little as five seconds. This new feature makes it practical for a team to weigh in every wrestler, every day and easily share that information with coaches, athletes, trainers, nutrionists and parents.

For programs interested in safe and healthy weight management, this is a must-have capability.

Expected availability: October 2018

Scale--BT--_Takedown #3.png

Paperless Weigh In


Connect to Scale

Connect from Takedown to Befour scale using iPad's Bluetooth technology. Wirelessly transfers weight to Takedown -- no more writing or typing!



It's just that simple -- select the wrestler name from your roster.



Takedown retrieves the weight from the scale and adds the date and time. 

If you don't have a compatible Bluetooth scale, enter the weight manually.

Tap "Save Weight" to retain the data.

Monitor Weight and Progress toward Target

In the Reports section, Takedown offers helpful monitoring tools.  All of these visualizations can be shared from within Takedown via email, texting or saved to your preferred local or cloud storage platform.


Daily Weigh-in, changes and descent plan

Tabular report shows weigh-ins by date, by wrestler.

Export in spreadsheet format for custom analysis.

Click or tap image to enlarge.


Graph weight v. descent plan

Easily monitor weight versus descent plan over a number of weeks or the full season.

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Graph weight change percentage

Watch for unhealthy weight gains or reductions.

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