New Stat : Short Time Scoring

We have added a new report in Takedown Release 1.1 that is the first of many statistics-oriented reports that we have in plan : the Short Time Scoring Report.

Some background - one of the reasons we created Takedown was to uncover the coaching insights that are hidden inside match scoring books. Coaches are always wondering "how does my wrestler do in short time?" This is what the Short Time Report is intended to answer.

This new report can be found in the Reports section of the app. Takedown allows you to set a short time value of 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds and reports by wrestler the number of points scored and conceded within that time-frame. It also provides a ratio - the Average Point Differential (APD)- that allows you to quickly evaluate a wrestler's short time performance. APD is simply the difference of points scored and conceded divided by the total number of periods. If the APDvalue is positive, then your wrestler is scoring more points than conceded.  If the APD is negative then the opposite would be true. As a coach that's what you want to know.

Here's a real-world example of the Short Time Scoring report:

The accuracy of the Short Time Report depends on your having scored the match live. If the match has been transcribed then the timings are likely to be inaccurate. Takedown uses some common sense rules to guess at whether the match was scored live or transcribed. If Takedown suspects that the match is being transcribed it will ask you if this is true. If your reply is yes, then Takedown will not include this match in its Short Time Scoring computation for that wrestler. You can later change this status.

Check out the Short Time Scoring report in the current release, available on the App Store.

Takedown by LevelChanger. Available on the App Store

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