Release 1.2

We're jazzed to announce a new Takedown release! Available now on the App Store, Release 1.2 addresses a frequent user request and adds powerful social networking integration.

We All Make Mistakes

Takedown, in its current form, is not very flexible if you make a scoring error. Once an Event is finalized, it isn't possible to add a match. It is possible to delete a match and in some cases that's an acceptable solution.  

But, we've heard from users that Takedown needs to be more accommodating. And, as extensive users ourselves, we feel your pain. We have plenty of mis-scored matches in our team's Takedown database and we need to clean them up.

Delete and Add a Match, Whenever you Want

This new release includes a few new and exciting features. First and foremost, we've added the capability to delete and add matches to any Event, even finalized Events. So, if you mistakenly score a fall for the wrong wrestler or forgot the near fall points at the end of the third period or need to add a match that your assistant scribbled on a piece of paper, no problem!  In the Event view, select the Event, go to Match Scoring and score away. This capability works for any Event, whether it is "in progress" or finalized. Now you'll have something to do while waiting for your next wrestler to come up at those all day (and night!) tournaments.

Tweet Match Results Automatically and in Real-Time

The other exciting Release 1.2 feature is social networking integration in the form of automated Tweeting of match and event results. Today, many teams manually Tweet matches, interleaving insightful commentary ("great ankle pick!") with scoring updates ("Jones decision Smith 3-2"). 

Whereas Takedown can't do insightful commentary, it can Tweet match results perfectly (no typos), automatically and in real-time. Without the burden of accurately Tweeting match results, your Twitter contributors have more time to be, well, even more insightful.With Takedown, Tweeting match results is simple. In Takedown's Settings view, tap Twitter and turn on the Twitter feature. If you have multiple Twitter accounts configured for your iPad, take care in selecting the proper account. 

That's it. 

When you go to the Match Scoring view, you'll notice a Twitter window in the middle bottom of the screen. Here you'll see the Tweets Takedown is sending on your behalf:

Tweets Appear Directly Beneath the Override Button

Here's an example of how these Tweets appear in your timeline:

Fans Follow your Team's Twitter Account to See the Action!

Of course, you'll need a network connection, WiFi or cellular, for this feature to work properly. Note, too, that using your favorite Twitter app for adding commentary is entirely up to you. You can exit Takedown, add some commentary with your favorite Twitter app and then go back to Takedown. The Takedown match clock runs even when you're using another app.

Download Today!

Release 1.2 also contains some bug fixes that will make your scoring experience and stats reporting even more pleasurable. Download Release 1.2 today and take advantage of flexible match adds/deletes and automated, real-time Tweeting of match results!

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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