Share Data with Release 1.4

Sometimes, a single instance of Takedown isn't enough to capture all the scoring activity.  At tournaments, multiple wrestlers from the same team compete at the same time.  Or, the varsity and junior varsity teams compete at different events on the same day.  In both cases, scoring information would need to be manually transferred to one of the iPads running Takedown.  There must be a better way!

Release 1.4 to the Rescue!

With this release, Takedown now offers a simple way to share data between multiple iPads.  Data from an entire Season is exported from one Takedown instance to another using email and the iPad's "Open in..." capability. An exported Season contains a roster, schedule and all matches scored in that Season.

Generally speaking, an imported Season fills in the blanks; that is, the Season you're importing will generally not overwrite existing information.  But, if your database is "missing" information, then data from the imported Season will be used.  The details are surprisingly complex and there are some exceptions.  But, that's the gist of it.

Export the Season to your Colleagues

Select the Season for sharing with other users:

Tap the sharing arrow to the right of the Seasons button:

Enter the email addresses of the person(s) with whom you want to share the data and press "Send."

Importing the Season

After long tapping on the email attachment and selecting "Open in Takedown", you'll see the following:

Any of the labels with a ">" can be tapped for more information.  If you're satisfied with the results, tap "Save."  If you change your mind, tap cancel.

Common Applications

Here are a few scenarios for using Takedown's data sharing feature:

  • At the start of the season one person creates a new season, adds a schedule, and creates or updates the roster and then shares it with other team scorers
  • At any time, the person with the definitive Takedown scoring database exports a season to one or more Takedown users
  • One person scores a dual meet and shares it with other team scorers
  • Multiple scorers attend a tournament. One person fills in the weigh in information and then shares it with the rest of the scorers
  • During or after a tournament, scorers want to consolidate tournament matches on their respective iPads
  • Sharing Season data with multiple users scoring for the same team
  • A user wants to backup one or more Seasons

You might find other uses for Takedown's data sharing feature.

Important Caveat

Unless the Season on your iPad and the Season you're importing have identical names and start/end dates, a new Season will be created. If you want to augment an existing Season with the imported data, make sure the names, start/end dates are identical.

Data sharing makes it easy to use Takedown in situations where multiple wrestlers on the same team are competing simultaneously. And, just in time for the season!  Have fun and

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