February Contest Winner: Fowlerville High School

Congratulations to the Fowlerville Gladiator Wrestling team for winning February's Takedown Takeaway! Their prize, an iPad Bluetooth Keyboard/Case combo, is on the way to Fowlerville, Michigan.We asked the coach, Sean Harvey, to tell us about his experience with Takedown.  Here's what he said:

My role with the high school team is asst. coach.  I was in charge of all paperwork and doing all stats for the team.  The HS head coach's name is Dan Coon.  My role with the junior high team is Head Coach.

This is the first season that we have used the app.  We have looked around for a couple of years for a decent stat app and I just didn't like how any of the others ones worked.  Then one day I came across Takedown while searching for new stat apps prior to the season starting.   I liked how it flowed and how easy it was to put in match details.  I talked to the head coach about using it this season and he was fine with trying it out this season.  I think he enjoyed me using it as it made tracking things much easier for him.

It has made it so much easier to get stats out to the kids quickly (not having to go home and hand figure everything out).  I would print out a scoring detail report after every match so the kids could see how they did that night/day.  I would also print out a season scoring detail report every week and it created a lot of competition on the team as the wrestlers could see where they ranked in certain categories and worked harder to move up the rankings!

The app also made it easier for me as an Asst. Coach as it is my responsibility to get the match info out to the local papers.  At the end of the night, I emailed all the box scores to 3 different newspapers and received many compliments from them each about how nice it was to have something like that emailed to them vs. called in to them and left on a voice mail.

As for the junior high team, this is the first year I have actually kept stats other than just writing down the match info in the score book.  It has made it easier for me as the head coach of the junior high team to see where our deficiencies are thru the scoring reports and to be able to let the kids know what aspect they need to work on in the room (ie. td's, escapes).  It has also saved me a ton of time with the seeding meeting report, especially coming into our junior highleague meet this weekend.  I don't have to go back thru the scorebook and retype all of the opponents out.  

I also loved how easy it was to get support for problems I had as I was beginning to learn how to use the app.  My concerns were attended to promptly and with professionalism from the Takedown staff.

I love the tweets that are sent out from the app.  Alot of our fans look forward to tweets every dual during the season so they can keep up with how the team is doing.  My only drawback with the tweets are that alot of schools have blocked twitter use with basic guest wi-fi access so I dont always get to send them out for others to follow.  I dont have a data plan with my iPad, so I have to rely on guest access to schools wifi and am often stuck with their limitations.  

As others have stated too, I would like to see it tweet more of a match by match update vs. each period update.  Each has its place though, so maybe a feature that you can set how you want to tweet out results?

There are only a couple of things that I wish Takedown was able to do.  First I wish you could go back and correct scores in previous periods after you hit the end period button.  There were a couple of times that the Ref, or the other teams scorer would dispute the score at the end of the period and I would end up having to delete the match and retype it all in.  The other thing I would like to see added is that any forfeits that happen be added to the seeding meeting report.  I would have to go back thru all of the scorebook pages to find who got a forfeit and when and add it to the seeding meeting report manually


Congratulations to Fowlerville wrestling!

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