Release 1.7

Release 1.7 is available for download on the App Store.  This release offers exciting new features for scorers, fans, coaches and athletes. New Injury and Riding Time Clocks

Takedown now offers a full set of injury and riding time clocks for each wrestler.  These clocks, appearing on the Match Scoring page, can be hidden or viewed at the user's discretion by swiping the associated tab.  When a clock is tapped, the match scoring clock stops and an appropriate notation appears in the scoring matrix.  The clocks are cumulative (except for recovery) and user adjustable.  When a clock approaches its maximum allowable value, a visual cue appears on-screen.  Here's an example of the new clocks in action:

Takedown Injury Clocks
Takedown Injury Clocks

For college, each wrestler has a riding time clock and riding time advantage is automatically calculated and displayed.  Riding time advantage is noted at the end of each period:

College Clocks with Riding Time
College Clocks with Riding Time

Enhanced Digital Scoreboard

Takedown's digital scoreboard got a makeover!  The presentation is easier to read at a distance, a change many officials will find helpful:

Scoreboard from Airserver
Scoreboard from Airserver

 Also, when an injury is scored, the associated clock displays on the scoreboard.  The normal scoreboard presentation reappears when the injury event concludes:

Wrestler Profile Presents In-Depth Performance Stats for each Wrestler

Takedown's new Wrestler Profile report collects existing stats into a single page presentation of wrestler performance.  In addition, new stats allow a coach to answer the question:  "what's the chance of this wrestler getting a Takedown?"

Takedown Wrestler Profile
Takedown Wrestler Profile

Scoring and Weigh-In Improvements

Release 1.7 offers a variety of enhancements to the Event and Match Scoring pages:

  • Undo choice and previous period simplifies error-correction
  • Edit opponent name after match ends
  • Random draw generated random weight class for starting dual meet
  • Copy weigh-ins from another event
  • Single page weigh-in form for both teams in dual meet

For more details on Release 1.7, please click here.


Takedown 1.7 is available now on the App Store. With this new release, the price for scoring a match is ten cents for high school and slightly higher for college. Matches purchased in release 1.6 (and earlier) will roll over to this new release, so you can purchase as many matches as you'd like at release 1.6 prices and then install 1.7. In October, match prices in Release 1.6 (and earlier) will change to reflect the current 1.7 pricing.

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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