Takedown Scoring and Stats Release 2.1

Takedown Scoring and Stats Release 2.1 is available for download from the App Store.  This is a recommended download for all users.  New features include:

  • Adding a logo image to My Team.  This logo appears in various Reports.  Click here for a tutorial.
  • Adding photos to all My Team wrestlers on the Roster.  These photos appear in the Wrestler Profile report.  Click here for a tutorial.
  • Ability to Restart a mis-scored match without leaving the Scoring interface.
  • Revised college near fall rules implemented.
  • Exporting Seasons directly to Dropbox or Google Drive for off-device backup and sharing

Get Release 2.1 on the App Store.

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, generating stats, managing teams and engaging fans via social media.

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