Shot Counter and Success Rate

With release 2.4.2, Takedown Scoring and Stats introduces a new-to-the-world of wrestling capability: a simple Shot Counter and associated stat called Shot Success Rate. Developed in cooperation with a Top 20 Division I team, this new feature allows coaches, for the first time, to easily assess how aggressive and effective wrestlers are in the neutral position.

Using the Shot Counter is optional and has no impact on scoring. The purpose of the feature and associated statistics is to give coaches a simple way to record shots and understand neutral position performance. The Shot Counter is available in the Scoring interface for your wrestler and the opposing wrestler.  The implementation is simple with large '+' buttons to add shots and '-' button to remove shots in the case of an error.

The new Shot Success Rate report presents the total number of takedowns and shots at the match level by period and total.  Results are totaled for each wrestler and across all wrestlers for a view of team performance. Like all reports, you can use filters to narrow the scope over which the Shot Success Rate calculation is performed.  For more info on reports, see our recent blog post.

Here's a tutorial on using the Shot Counter and generating the Shot Success Rate report:

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