Import your Takedown Schedule into Outlook or Google Calendar

If you use Outlook or Google Calendars to share your event schedule, here's a way to save time by using your Takedown Schedule to populate your calendar. Just export your Takedown Schedule in CSV format, make a few edits and save the file again in CSV format. Now you're ready to import your entire Schedule into Outlook, Google Calendar or whatever calendar app you use that can import a CSV-formatted list of events.


  1. Share your Takedown Schedule (in Reports) in the CSV format.

  2. Import the file from step #1 into a spreadsheet program. In this example, we use Google sheets.

  3. Delete the first row and the last three rows

  4. Delete the last three columns

  5. Change the first column to be Date format

  6. Change the column names to:

    • Start Date

    • Start Time

    • Subject

    • Description

  7. Export (or save) the spreadsheet in CSV format

  8. Import the file from step #7 into your calendar program. In this example we use Google Calendar.

  9. Bingo! Calendar now shows the full Takedown Schedule.

That's it! Eight edits, two exports, two imports and you're done. Easier than typing all that information into your favorite calendaring program.

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