New Release: Integrated Video Features

Top Questions and Answers

  • What is the cost?
    A: $59.99, full year, multiple iPads. Price is subject to change.

  • Can I upload video to Hudl?
    A: Yes. The video is stored on-device in the Apple Photos library.

  • Why can’t I find the Video Recording subscription in the Takedown Store?
    A: The Video Recording subscription will appear in the Takedown Store if your iPad is running iOS 11 or later and you’re connected to the Internet.

Pricing and Packaging

  • How is the feature purchased in Takedown?
    A: In the app Settings the feature in purchase-able in the Takedown Store. It is available as a seven day or one-year subscription.

  • What is the price?
    A: $59.99, full year, multiple iPads subject to change at any time. See the Takedown Store in the app for current pricing.

  • How is the transaction processed?
    A: All Takedown Store purchases are processed through the App Store by Apple.

  • Is this feature available now?
    A: Yes.

  • Is this a different app?
    A: No. The feature is integrated into Takedown Scoring and Stats.

  • Is there a trial period?
    A: Not currently.

  • Can I use the video feature without scoring a match?
    A: No. If you just want to video record, use the Apple Camera app.

  • Do I need a video subscription to play the videos using Takedown's in-app player?
    A: No, the video subscription pertains only to recording video.

  • Do I need a video subscription to upload videos to the cloud?
    A: No, the video subscription pertains only to recording video.

  • Do I need a video subscription to score matches?
    A: No, the video subscription pertains only to recording video.

  • Do I need an unlimited match scoring subscription to record video?
    A: No. You need to be able to score a match. That capability can be realized by purchasing individual matches or a subscription. We recommend purchasing the subscriptions as they are more cost effective for most wrestling teams.


  • Is there a tutorial?
    A: Yes, here is the recording video tutorial.

  • Where is the video recording feature?
    A: In the Scoring view.

  • How do I enable video recording?
    A: Tap the camera icon.

  • When does the video recording start?
    A: Automatically, when the match clock starts.

  • When does the recording end?
    A: Automatically, when you move on to the next match.

  • Is there a separate video for each match?
    A: Yes

  • Can I manually stop the video recording?
    A: Yes, tap the "X" in the video view port.

  • What resolutions are available?
    A: 480P, 720P and 1080P

  • How do I change the resolution?
    A: Tap the resolution label in the video view port.

  • Can I change the video resolution in the middle of an event?
    A: Yes.

  • Can I change the video resolution in the middle of a match?
    A: No.

  • What are the storage requirements?
    A: For a full high school dual meet (14 matches at 6 minutes/match), about 1.7 gigabytes at 480P and 9.1 gigabytes at 1080P. This is worst case, very few high school duals have fourteen complete matches. More typically, 1.2 to 6.5 gigabytes. College will be lower by about 10-15%.

  • What format is the video?
    A: Standard Apple format (MP4 encapsulated H.264). Widely used and compatible with almost any video player.

  • How is the video file titled?
    A: On the iPad, each video file, representing a single match, is automatically titled with the weight class, wrestler names, match outcome and date. Example:
    Jones, R v. Smith, J W 8-6 12-18-18

  • Where is the video stored?
    A: In the Apple Photos app on your iPad. If you enabled iCloud Photos, the videos should be stored there, too. In practice, we've found iCloud Photos is unreliable and confusing. We don't recommend iCloud Photos as a backup.

  • Can I export the videos to a cloud location?
    A: Yes. Export the videos from Apple Photos to any compatible destination. Unlike iCloud Photos, we've found iCloud Drive to be reliable and understandable. Other popular cloud locations are Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

  • What happens if I run out of storage space on my iPad?
    A: Delete items -- apps, photos, video -- on your iPad to free up storage. Takedown will prevent video recording if your iPad storage gets too low.

  • Can I leave Takedown during video recording?
    A: No, Apple doesn't allow any app, including Takedown, to record video if it isn't the active (visible) app. During video recording, leaving Takedown to visit another app will cause unpredictable results and can ruin the current match video.

  • Who owns the video?
    A: You own your video.

  • Can I copy the video to my computer for creating a highlight clip?
    A: Yes, you can do anything you'd like with your video.

  • Is it required to record video of every match?
    A: No, record only the matches you want to record.


  • Is there a tutorial?
    A: Yes, here is the video playback tutorial.

  • Can I play back the video from within Takedown?
    A: Yes, as long as the video is available on-device OR on YouTube, and was stored in those locations by Takedown. It is strongly recommended that you allow Takedown to manage your Takedown-recorded videos.

  • Where is the playback function?
    A: In the Event on your Schedule ("Manage Video") and on the wrestler page in your Roster ("Play Video").

  • How do I know if an event or wrestler has video available?
    A: Look for the 🎥 symbol in your Schedule or Roster.

  • What controls are available in the video player?
    A: Play, pause, rewind, seek to any point in the video, slow motion, ScoreSeek(TM)

  • What is ScoreSeek?
    A: ScoreSeek allows the viewer to advance or rewind to any scoring event -- takedown, escape, pin, penalty, etc. -- in the match by simply tapping on the scoring event in the match transcript. Allows the viewer to efficiently review the video.

  • Do I need to upload videos to the cloud for ScoreSeek to work?
    A: No, ScoreSeek works with on-device and cloud stored Takedown-created match video. The experience is the same.

  • Is there a ScoreSeek tutorial?
    A: Yes, here is the ScoreSeek tutorial.

Cloud Upload, Playback and Sharing

  • Is there a tutorial?
    A: Yes, here are the video upload and the video sharing tutorials.

  • Why not a cloud playback tutorial?
    A: In Takedown, playback from the cloud is the same as playback from a video stored on your iPad. Of course, playback from the cloud requires an Internet connection to the cloud.

  • What cloud storage platform is integrated in Takedown?
    A: YouTube

  • Why YouTube?
    A: YouTube is the leading video platform, by a wide margin, in the world. It is scale-able, reliable, high quality, richly featured, accessible on any hardware device and free.

  • Is uploading to YouTube required?
    A: No, it's optional. ScoreSeek and other in-app playback features work with both cloud and on-device video storage.

  • Why would I upload videos to YouTube?
    A: For easy sharing with athletes, coaches, parents and other audiences. Also, once the video is uploaded to the cloud, you can free up on-device storage by deleting the local copy.

  • To what YouTube account is the video uploaded?
    A: Whatever account you choose. We suggest using a team-branded account rather than a personal account.

  • Is the video also uploaded to a LevelChanger account?
    A: No, only to your account.

  • Can I upload video from Takedown to YouTube?
    A: Yes, with a single tap. You can upload multiple videos simultaneously..

  • Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, can I delete the local (on-device) copy to free up storage?
    A: Yes.

  • Can I download my Takedown-created videos from YouTube?
    A: Yes, though there are limitations. See this YouTube help article.

  • Can I use Takedown's integrated player with YouTube videos?
    A: Yes, for Takedown-created videos. All features except slow motion are available.

  • Can I play Takedown-created videos from a browser?
    A: Yes, you can play Takedown-created videos from any platform that supports YouTube (which means any platform).

  • Is ScoreSeek available during browser-based YouTube playback?
    A: Yes. In your browser-based YouTube player, enable Transcripts for ScoreSeek functionality.

  • How are the videos organized on YouTube?
    A: Each Event -- tournament or dual meet -- will have a YouTube playlist of associated videos. In addition, each athlete will have a playlist list of all their videos.

  • How are the playlists organized on YouTube?
    A: All Event playlists are organized into a Season-specific YouTube Channel Section labelled with the Season name. All wrestler playlists are organized into a a Season-specific YouTube Channel Section

  • Is it OK for me to edit the playlists and channel sections?
    A: Not recommended for Takedown-created objects. This can result in unexpected player behavior in Takedown.

  • How do I inform athletes and other coaches that video is available for an event?
    A: Tap "Notify Wrestlers".
    Tip: Add wrestler and coach emails in Roster and Staff Contact Info, respectively, if you want the To: field to be auto-populated with email addresses.

  • Can I manually upload my Takedown-created videos to YouTube?
    A: Yes, if it hasn't already been uploaded to YouTube. See here for explanation. Manually uploaded videos aren’t accessible from within Takedown Scoring and Stats.
    Tip: Let Takedown upload and organize videos.

  • Is my Takedown-created and uploaded YouTube video available to the public?
    A: No. By default, we implement a privacy level called "Unlisted" that prevents the general public from finding your video. If you can't find it, you can't play it. You can change any YouTube video privacy to Public if you'd like. YouTube privacy settings are explained here.
    Tip: don't change your videos to Private as that will make sharing more difficult.

  • How do I revoke Takedown’s access to my team’s YouTube account?
    A: In Takedown, Event>>Manage Video, logout of your YouTube account to revoke Takedown’s ability to upload/manage videos on your behalf.

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