iPadOS 13 and Takedown Release 2.12.9

Apple just released iOS 13 and, for the iPad, renamed it to iPadOS 13.

Also, Takedown Scoring and Stats Release 2.12.9 is available for download in the App Store.

Should you upgrade?

With today’s Takedown Release 2.12.9, we’ve fixed known iPadOS 13 related bugs. As far as Takedown Scoring and Stats is concerned, we think upgrading to iPadOS 13 will be OK. You might have other apps on your iPad that influence your decision. You don’t need to upgrade to 13 to use Takedown Scoring and Stats and our upcoming major fall release will work fine with iOS 12.x.

Another Consideration

Takedown LIVE does not currently work with iPadOS 13, it crashes on launch. We know and will get to it.

Known Issues

For the most up-to-date list of known issues, see:

Takedown Scoring and Stats

Takedown LIVE

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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