Embedding Twitter Live Scoring on your Website

Twitter has an easy way to do this.  Click here and follow the directions.  An example is on our website -- click here to see the example.  This example displays every Twitter post with the hashtag #takedownpp (which is automatically generated by Takedown Scoring and Stats).  

On the Twitter website, create a "widget" for your team's Twitter timeline. Here's an example for Independence (IA) High School Wrestling:

You can view the Indee Wrestling Twitter feed on their website by clicking here.  You'll need your website administrator to add the Twitter "widget" to your website.  Some website builders -- Squarespace, for example -- hide all of the technical details, you can simply add a Twitter widget to your site.

Embedding Facebook Live Scoring on your Website

Facebook also makes it easy to embed your Facebook user account or Fan page on your website.  Click here for directions.  Again, you'll need your website admin to add the code to your site.