Release 1.3

We're excited today to announce the availability of TakedownRelease 1.3 on the App Store.  This release includes some time saving features as well as configuration flexibility for non-NFHS programs. Also, we revised Takedown's pricing to better address the economic realities of the scholastic wrestling community.

Spend More Time Coaching

Release 1.3 contains a number of important time saving features:

  • Import rosters from NWCA database or any spreadsheet
  • Export your rosters (names only) for opposing coaches using Takedown.
  • Score matches for wrestlers without entering certified weight or weigh in data. Enter certified weight and weigh in info when it's convenient.
  • Define custom period lengths.
  • For tournaments, designate Championship and Consolation period lengths.
  • Seeding Meeting report shows head-to-head competition in easy-to-read format. Save time and be more effective than other coaches with this useful report!

Support for non-NFHS Programs

Prior to release 1.3, Takedown supported only NFHS and NCAA weight classes.  The user community asked for more weight class flexibility for elementary and middle school programs, as well as for states that didn't use strict NFHS weight classes.  We thought that made a lot of sense.

With Takedown release 1.3, a user can now define one or more custom sets of weight classes for competition and certification purposes.   This feature combined with user-defined periods (see above) allows Takedown to be used for scoring any level of folkstyle competition, from pre-K through collegiate.  In fact, it is possible, using separate Seasons, to score elementary, middle and high schools on a single iPad!  The Seasons feature is a great way to keep all this data separate but accessible on one tablet.

Price Revision

Previously, Takedown was offered for free with the capability of scoring five events.  After that, the first ten events cost $39.99 and every event thereafter cost $.99.

Based on market feedback, we've revised our pricing in two ways.  First, we eliminated the initial $39.99.  Second, instead of paying for events, users will now pay for matches at a rate as low as six cents per match.  We believe this pricing change better reflects the economic realities facing the scholastic wrestling community.  And, the smaller unit of purchase makes the decision to score a match a no-brainer.  Now, you can score a dual meet for a song!  A song purchased on iTunes, that is.

Takedown release 1.3 is available for download on the App Store now.  Get it and let us know what you think at

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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